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algaeGreen Granular

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algaeGreen Granular

100% Irish Seaweed Meal - a rich blend of essential nutrients

algaeGreen® Granular is made from freshly cut Ascophyllum Nodosum which is gently dried.  Ideal for soil structure & plant physiology improvement.

  • Both fast and slow release nutrients – more than 60 elements: N, K, Ca, CL, S, Mg, Fe, Bo, Mn, Se, Zn etc
  • Carbon source (sugar biomass) for soil beneficial microbial life: Over 60% of sugard on Dry Weight
  • Rich in charged colloids – Improve CEC (soil ability to retain nutrients):
  • Negatively charged Alginates and fucoidans bind to Ca2+, Fe3+, Mg2+
  • Apply directly into the soil or mix with other materials such as manure, sand or compost etc
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