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Phylgreen 200

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Phylgreen 200


                                                                Special solution based on a low nutrient fertilizer

NK compound 0.1 -0.2  

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  • Main benefits:
  • is a 100% pure seaweed cold extract, obtained from Ascophyllum nodosum, and produced by an innovative cold extraction process called GLT
  • Phylgreen 200 is a biostimulant recommended for all kinds of applictions but especially effective during critical growth stages and to overcome environmental stress situations
  • low nutrient fertilizer – NK compound 0.1 -0.2
  • Phylgreen 200 is based on high quality and freshly harvested ascophyllum nodosum. Compared to other seaweed types, it is known to contain a great amount of active ingredients.
  • Most of the beneficial compounds, like polyphenols, mannitol,sugars,alginates are sentive to heat and chemicals. To avoid their loss or damage, we developed cold temperature process called gentle extraction to extract delicate plant compounds opmtimally preserving their benefits and bioavailabilty.
  • The result is a green liquid extract,completley soluble,containg vitamins,antioxidants,pigments,macro and micro nutrients,algantes,polyphenols,amino acids etc.
  • Phylgreen 200 is an innovative and unique biostimulant especially recommended to improve plant adaptation after transplanting and to overcome salinity stress and other environmental stress conditions.

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