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Rovensa acquires Rodel company in Ecuador


Rovensa has completed the acquisition of the Ecuadorian company Rodel Flowers (“Rodel”), which will be integrated into Rovensa Crop Nutrition business unit (“Tradecorp”).
With over 20 years of history, Rodel has been an important partner for Tradecorp in Ecuador, being its exclusive distributor of chelates and biostimulants ranges. Rodel currently holds a leading position in the distribution of crop nutrition specialised products to the flowers market in Ecuador.

Eric van Innis, CEO of Rovensa, underlines that “Rodel represents a compelling opportunity to extract synergies among Rovensa business units”, explaining that “the company’s network and local structure will serve as a local platform to leverage our growth in the Ecuador, not only in flowers but also by expanding into other crops. ”
With this acquisition, Rovensa is “on track to be a global partner with unique and innovative solutions, adapted for all crops and local specific needs, covering most of the plant input spectrum in major world markets.”

Following this acquisition, Eric van Innis notes that “Rovensa will continue to explore new opportunities to complement organic growth with acquisitions so that it can fulfil its mission to feed the planet with safe and healthy solutions enabling a balanced and sustainable agriculture.”

About Rovensa
Rovensa, formerly known as Sapec Agro Business, is an international player in the agricultural industry, with a long history, experience and knowledge in the sector.
In September 2019, Sapec was renamed Rovensa, with the aim of creating a prestigious international brand in the agricultural industry. The group is now organized into three main business units: crop protection, crop nutrition and biocontrol. With offices, factories, research centres and laboratories in Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, Rovensa continuously develops a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for plant health & care.
All companies belonging to Rovensa share synergies and offer a catalogue of complementary products that have the same objective: Well Balanced Agriculture.

Rovensa companies

  • Ascenza and Selectis: specialised in crop protection and leaders in the off-patent segment with a leading position in Iberia and presence in southern Europe, the Balkans, Brazil.
  • Tradecorp: experts in development and manufacture of top-quality and innovative crop nutrition and biostimulation solutions, which are commercialized in more than 70 countries worldwide.
  • Idai Nature: experts in biocontrol. It produces natural solutions from botanical extracts, minerals and microorganisms, with presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
  • OGT: a Rovensa company with direct and preferential access to the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and with an exclusive extraction method, Gentle Extraction, that preserves the biostimulating compounds that are naturally present in fresh seaweed.
  • SDP: specialized in cutting-edge adjuvants, which increase the persistence and maximize the performance of agrochemical products.
  • Microquímica: experts in microbiology and biotechnology, both for crop protection and biostimulation. Its product Vorax was the first biofertilizer registered in Brazil.

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