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Stress Management

Golf courses are built up with a wide variety of grass types which must adapt to the local conditions, aside of history of maintenance history, environmental and human pressure. Resulting in stress for the plant that can be managed with algaeGreen®.

However, due to the various reasons mentioned above, the grass types used are not always the most adapted which results in one of the main stresses for turfs and lawns. The second main stress is the soil structure, when there is little soil, it can be quite challenging for grass to grow.

Turf grass in golf courses, and sport grounds, is consequently in a permanent stressed state.
In addition to these stresses which are common to all golf courses, some other stresses can occur such as regular mowing, stamping, unbalanced fertilising plans, unexpected weather conditions, salt and, of course, pathogen outbreaks.

Fungi (Dollar spot, Fusarium, Brown patch, Anthracnose) and nematodes are the main pathogens. Few insects such as crane flies and their larvae can also be very destructive to golf courses. Some pathogens such as Pythium are really stress-related pathogens and will appear when the turf is already under heavy stress and specific conditions.

Turf in golf courses are therefore under heavy stresses and the most visual consequence of these stresses is, loss of colours by patches or else apparition of other un-wanted grass species, fungi, etc.

In order to limit the visual effects of stressed grasses, a wide variety of chemical and non-chemical solutions are existing and have been tested for decennia.

The goal in turf management is to relieve the plant/grass from this stress by limiting the use of their own energy to perform basic physiological actions (photosynthesis, growth, defence) and controlling, if possible, the presence of pathogens.

Instead of being a unique tool for a specific pathogen such as root nematode for example, algaeGreen® represents a multi-task tool which will act at different levels on the grass (direct action) and to its close environment (in-direct actions).

This scheme includes regular, complete analyses of the key compounds by a GLP

For some of the more specific compounds requiring adapted analytical expertise, OGT securing agreements with the relevant research groups or private companies in order to carry out analyses on a regular basis. Batch representative analytical results are available on demand from OGT’s staff.

In light of these small variations, OGT is then able to adapt to the production process to ensure a reasonable continuity on thealgaeGreen® range of products.