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Nick Perkins, The Player’s Club Bristol
We have trialed AlgaeGreen + Ithir this season and our root mass has transformed massively!  With the longest dry spell for a few years we haven’t had to waste hours on hand watering through this period! The combination of these two products have massively improved our root structure!

Dan Kendle, Newquay Golf Club
Since using AlgaeGreen my Root length and overall plant health has been amazing!




Paul Coleman, Course Superintendent, Dromoland Castle, Ireland
”I have been using AlgaeGreen now for the past two years. I find the product excellent in the development of the Root System which in turn improves the Nematode issue I have here at Dromland Castle”

Gerry Byrne, Course Superintendent, The K Club, Ireland
”We have successfully being using AlgaeGreen for the past two years and find it to be an important part of our supplementary nutritional program. The key benefit of using AlgaeGreen is to complement our environmental nutritional program we have here at The K Club”

Paul O’ Mahony, Course Superintendent, Old Head Golf Links, Ireland
”I have been using AlgaeGreen for some time now and have noted much healthier greens, with improved density and reduced stress. I would definitely recommend the product and will continue using it on the Old Head course in future”

Roger Robarge, Course Superintendent, The Valley Club of Montecito, California
”AlgaeGreen offers the most cost effective bio stimulant on the market today. Regular applications have resulted in improved root density, root depth and plant stress tolerance. The product is an integral component of our agronomic program; and we can’t live without it”

Neil Edwards, Course Superintendent, Bakers Bay Golf Course, Bahamas
”I have been using AlgaeGreen now for two years and I am finding it to be an excellent product. I have applied AlgaeGreen to both Bentgrass and Bermuda grass and have seen noticeable improvements in my Grass conditions. AlgaeGreen is now an important part of my weekly foliar program. I have no hesitation in recommending AlgaeGreen to fellow superintendents”